Through the Ages

Education at Montessori Co-op School is a balance of language arts, math, geography, science, computer technology, art, drama and music. Our children are also introduced to foreign languages and enjoy many field trips. The use of sensory materials and practical life skills are emphasized in the toddler and preschool programs and facilitate learning in the elementary years.

18 mo. to 3 years

In the Toddler Room, we focus on concentration skills, sense of order, independence and coordination using Montessori methods and tools. The children also begin to develop knowledge of phonetics, which serves as a strong foundation for the reading skills developed in the primary and elementary rooms. To be consistent with Montessori philosophy, each child progresses at his or her own pace.

3 to 5 years

In the Primary Rooms, children are offered a wide variety of hands-on activities from the five basic areas of the Montessori curriculum:

  • Math
  • Language
  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Cultural

The multi-age setting is designed to enhance a child’s self-confidence and acceptance of others. Everyone works at his or her own pace and set of strengths. Qualities of leadership, independence, self-motivation, love of learning, joyful social interaction, responsibility and respect for all living things are emphasized.

Special activities include field trips to an apple orchard, the Rose children’s theater and the Henry Doorly Zoo. We participate annually in the 4H incubation project which produces several live chicks each year, and we like to do cooking projects and special lunches. Each year the children participate in spring and fall musicals for parents and relatives.

6 to 12 years

In the Elementary Room, the basic components of the classroom include:

  • The ability to progress through the curriculum at an individual pace by not being confined to works based solely upon grade level.
  • A curriculum which covers a wide range of interests and abilities to meet the individual needs of the students.
  • A teacher who knows the children well as they are together for a 6-year period.

The program has an integrated curriculum:

  • Language Arts encompasses writing and composition skills while creative writing is strongly encouraged.
  • Literature is an important element in the reading program and the children are introduced to high quality materials.
  • The Mathematics program encompasses many disciplines. In the Montessori Method arithmetic, algebra and geometry are interrelated.
  • The Cultural curriculum teaches children global ideals as well as tolerance through the study of history, geography, geology, science, arts and music.

The children also add to the social skills they have been developing throughout the Montessori program. They complete projects together and solve problems while learning conflict-resolution skills and the ability to assess moral questions and ideals.

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Elementary Summer Camp

Learn about cultures, sustainability, and peace.

Students will explore the ways groups of people live by learning about their fundamental needs, economy, art and literature, games, traditions, customs, and governing structures. Explore a different type of culture, from hunter/gatherer to industrial, each week.

Registration for current Co-op families opens Monday, February 12th in Transparent Classroom. Public registration opens Wednesday, February 14th.

Summer camps are available to children entering first grade through sixth grade.

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