Mads Roden

Mx. Mads is an assistant in Ms. Emma’s classroom. They moved to Omaha in November 2019 and started at the Montessori Co-op School in October 2021 where they fell in love with teaching. They are excited to come to work every day knowing that they’ll teach their students something new and that they’ll often learn something new from them!

They are pursuing a degree in secondary education with a focus on English at MCC and UNO, but they still love working with the Primary and Elementary students at the Co-op. They love working at the Co-op because of how supported they feel by the community, and they hope to take everything they’ve learned to their own classroom someday. 

In their free time, Mx. Mads is an avid film and theater buff who participates in community theater, works on short films, and binge-watches horror movies in their spare time. They also love writing and playing music and are very into superheroes, Star Trek, Star Wars, or Doctor Who. While not at the Co-op, you’ll probably find them at home with their roommate Ms. Sarah and their two cats, drinking too much coffee or spending the day at the movie theater! 

“Education is the best weapon for peace,” -Maria Montessori