The author if this blog is 11 years old and in the Upper Elementary classroom. He has attended the Co-op since kindergarten. He enjoys computers and ice cream. He has 4 cats but only likes 3 of them.

We do all different kinds of games at school, we play Dodge Ball, Capture the Flag, Elimination, Tornado Tag, Vampires and Warewolves, Ribbit Monster,  Johnny Johnny, Dinner Time, and Epidemic Tag. We really like these games and we play them every day.

How we play a few of these games:

Vampires and Warewolves

Vampire and Warewolves is a game with some vampires, warewolves, and some humans.  There is a potion master that makes antidotes that can turn normal vampires and normal warewolves into humans. A normal warewolf and vampire are non-pure breed and pure breed are immune to antidotes. If a human tags a ware wolf you get hair or if a human tags a vampire you get skin, with the skin you can make a vampire antidote and with the hair you can make a warewolf antidote. To make a normal vampire or warewolf into a human you must throw or tag them with the correct antidote. There is 1 pure-breed vampire and 1 pure-breed warewolf. There is a base for the humans, vampires, and warewolves. If they are in there base they cannot get tagged by other people. If a human gets tagged from a vampire the human is a vampire, if a warewolf tags a human they are a warewolf. If a warewolf tags a vampire or a vampire tags a warewolf they will go in jail and there jail is either the vampire’s base or warewolve’s base.

Epidemic Tag

In Epidemic Tag there is 1 infected person, 2-3 government people, and the rest are humans. The job for infected are to tag humans or government, if an infected tags a human the human has to stand still for 10 seconds and a government has to tag the human in that 10 seconds, if the government doesn’t tag the human in time the human is a infected with the starting infected person. If a government gets tagged they have 20 seconds and there other fellow government has to tag them in time. The humans have to survive standing close to the government.