Work of the Week – Fraction Circles


IMG_4084Welcome back!  Last week we presented the Pythagoras Board maths work.  This week we are featuring Fraction Circles!


Understanding fractions usually starts in preschool.  Many young children understand the concept of sharing half a cookie, they want the whole cookie! Math is really easy for students to understand when it is hands on and relates to life experiences.


Fraction Circles close up

In Lower Elementary, Montessori teaches fractions in a concrete and visually appealing approach with the Fraction Circles.  This work has 10 red circles with each circle and its parts progressively and equally divided into smaller sections up to the tenths.


Using the Fraction Circles board, students can touch and see fractions like 1/2, 1/3 and 3/4 and so on.   Students use this work to learn fraction terminology, equivalent fractions, arithmetic functions, conversion to decimals and measurement of angles.


Along with the Fraction Circles there is a set of cards with arithmetic problems on them.  These cards give the student multiple problems to solve and lots of opportunity to learn fractions.

Next week we are jumping to our Upper Elementary class and we are going to show you how students learn measure for area, do division and more.  We will showcase how Montessori has thoughtfully created higher level math works that represent abstract math concepts.

Want to see our students teaching themselves math in person? Come take a tour!