I got to school at 8:27.

At 8:30 we had our classroom meeting. Our classroom meeting is where we share what we did on the weekend or what we did the day before. And we read poems.

At 9:00 I finished painting my clay Neptune blue. We have things called workplans, a workplan is paper that our teacher writes the works that you try to get done. On my workplan I have a division paper, I have a spelling review, a spelling review is where we review our spelling. The way we get our spelling words is we write a draft. I also had handwriting we have handwriting books I do cursive. I had types of sentences, that is where I wrote all the types of sentences. And I had science. In science we made fluber.

At 11:00 we went outside for recess. We played freeze tag, the boys chased the girls. We also played Vampires and Warewolfs. The way you play Vampires and Warewolfs is there are three teams vampires, warewolfs, and humans, they all have bases, the humans and warewolfs try to get the vampires, but the vampires can touch there base and can’t get tagged. But if the humans say “leave” the vampires have to leave if the warewolfs tag the vampires the vampires have to go to the warewolfs jail. If the vampires tag the warewolfs the warewolfs have to go to the vampires jail. The only way to get out of jail is for one of your teammates come tag you out of jail. If the humans tag you your a human. The vampires and warewolfs each have one person on there team called purebeeds if somebody tags a purebreed the person who tagged the purebreed is in jail instead of the purebreed. The only way to get a purebreed in jail is two people have to tag the purebreed at once.

At 12:00 we had lunch.

At 1:00 we had art. In art we painted cloth then we brought it outside and put shells, sticks, and pinecones on the cloth that made a sunprint.



At 2:00 I tried to finish my workplan but I did’t get it done.

At 2:45 I helped our science teacher clean our class pets cage. Our science class pets are rats. They are really cute.


3 comments on “MONTESSORI BLOG

  1. Thank you for sharing this very detailed summary of a day in the life at Montesorri coop… You all are doing so many fascinating things!

  2. Leah, Poppi and I just love reading your blog! It is great to know what you are doing at school. It makes us feel closer to you, and you are such a great writer! I hope you send more blogs. xxx