Science Update

This student blogger is part of Ms. Annie’s Upper Elementary classroom. She has recently finished a project on the Apache tribe. She loves nature.


At our school we do a lot of science.  There are works about water, the earth, the air, and many other things.  In my blog I am going to talk about our science teacher, Mr. Dan, the science room, and the works in our classroom.

Mr. Dan

Mr. Dan is a very fun teacher and likes everyone.  You can often hear him say: ‘I am the prettiest person in the school.’  The reason he says this is because he once got a fortune in his fortune cookie that says: ‘You are very pretty. : ) ‘  that he keeps in his wallet.  He is a vegetarian but used to be a vegan, but one day just really wanted a peice of pizza, and so isn’t a vegan anymore.

The Science Room & Works

The Science room is on the lowest level of our school. It has a rat cage in one corner with two black-and-white rats in it. The one with the pink and black tail is Cleopatra, the physicist, and the one with the pink tail is Amelia. There are microscopes, magnets and batteries. There is a wolf spider in a cage on the wall opposite the rats. We do lots of things in the science room, for example; making slides, experimenting with magnets, and playing with the rats. I can’t wait until our next science class!


2 comments on “Science Update

  1. Great writing! I loved hearing about the science room. Why is Cleopatra the rat a physicist?