This student blogger is 10 years old. He has attended the Co-op for two years. He likes to draw in his free time and publishes a classroom newsletter called ‘Montessori Times.’ Look out for the “Fa-la-li-days” issue coming out December 18!


Name: Mr.Playground10                              image

Topic: Playground

In school you work hard, but between 11:00 to 12:00 you need to play hard on the PLAYGROUND. The school just put down a lot of dirt. They did it to make a game field. And this year they separated the field into elementary and juniors. The playground is really really really fun. We play a lot of games like soccer, kickball, baseball, and more.

The playground is a fun place to play and relax. People really like to bring books outside. Its nice to grab a book and sit in the shade and read. And on nice days, we eat lunch outside. Its nice and yummy. On muddy days we don’t go outside. Or when its raining. image

Sometimes we want to go on the hill. Sometimes we DO, sometimes we DON’T. Sometimes we want to build a fort, so we use the STICK AREA. There are so many sticks in there, even I can’t name them all. Bye.




6 comments on “playgroundmania

  1. This was really interesting and I liked how you told us about the different areas of the playground! Your picture was helpful too! Let’s see the Montessori Times Fa La La La La addition posted on the blog.! We are excited to read the student school newspaper! Merry Christmas!

  2. What a great playground! And how awesome that you get a full hour to play every day! Great job on your story MrPlayground10!

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog about the awesome playground at your school. You described it so well! Your drawing interpretation of before and after was a great addition. I hope you can post your news letter that will come out on the 18th. I would love to see it!!