Self-Care With Kids: The Whole Family Benefits!

December 29, 2020

I’d say a blizzard after the holidays of last week is a gleaming reminder to slow down, and tune into[…]


Gift Ideas to Support Our Local Service Industry – Parent Blog

December 20, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you are just getting Christmas shopping underway. I am always late to the game. Target[…]


Super Smash Bros – Student Blog

November 17, 2016

Super Smash Bros This is my blog about the video game called “Super Smash Brothers”, I like to play this[…]


Spiders – Student Blog

November 2, 2016

Spiders I am a spider expert and I can tell you guys all about spiders. This is what I can[…]


Dressage – Student Blog

October 19, 2016

Dressage Hi, I’m a 5th grade student at Montessori and in this project I am going to talk about dressage.[…]


Talking About Scary Things

July 13, 2016

My 4 ½ year old came home from school the other day, having heard about the alligator and the poor[…]


Work of the Week – Atom Board

May 19, 2016

As we wind up the school year we are going to use these last two weeks to talk about Science[…]


Alumni Scholarship Winner

May 12, 2016

Big congratulations to alumni Mira Williams as our chosen receipient for our $500.00 Alumni Scholarship!  Mira attended the Co-op starting[…]


Work of the Week – Grammar Part 2

May 3, 2016

Last time when we discussed grammar we were focusing on the grammar shapes and symbols that students are introduced to in the[…]


Student Essay – Cats

April 29, 2016

Cats By: Asher Newhouse April 2016 I will be making my essay on cats, and there will be 4 “cat”egories,[…]