Emily Gomez

September 8, 2023

Ms. Em is the Head Teacher of the Elementary Classroom. She fell in love with Montessori education as she researched[…]


Becky Britt

November 7, 2022

Ms. Becky began her Montessori affiliation as a parent; her two daughters attended a Montessori school from preschool through 6th[…]


Callie Newman

May 8, 2019

Ms. Callie is the Lead Guide for our Toddler Room. She was drawn to the Montessori Co-op School in 2020[…]


Emma Kazmierczak

April 4, 2019

Ms. Emma has been working with the Montessori Co-op School in various roles since 2009 and is currently the Head[…]


Annie O’Farrell

May 16, 2014

Ms. Annie has been a teacher at the Montessori Co-op School since 1985 and is one of our Primary teachers.  Ms.[…]