Student Essay – Cats


By: Asher Newhouse

April 2016

I will be making my essay on cats, and there will be 4 “cat”egories, get it? There is a “My cats” category, “Facts” category, “What people think” category, and a “Working cats” category. Cats are amazing animals and pets.

I have 2 cats at both of my houses. At my dad’s house there is Simba and Gia. Simba is my least favorite cat, he meows in anger if I get close to him at all. Gia is my second least favorite cat, she meows less then Simba but it is still very annoying. I have Mia and Ty at my mom’s house. Ty is my third least favorite he is a little shy, and licks a lot, also he has a razor sharp tongue. Mia is my favorite cat he only meows when he’s hungry, or wants in or out of a room. He is very fluffy and is adorable. Mia has a girl name because when we got him we thought he was a girl. Mia and Ty are also older then me, they are 13 years old. Gia got surgery because she had a gallbladder stone. Mia and Ty are also twins, and weigh around 27 pounds or up.

Some people think that all cats are evil, like Simba, and some are. But a lot of cats are actually pretty nice. Some people also think they scratch up every thing. A lot of them do, but when they grow up they can be pretty nice. I think people who think cats are mean, are the mean ones.

Are you looking to get a cat? Do you want a cute short haired cat? Get an American Shorthair. I think American Shorthairs are adorable.

Do you want a long haired cat? Get an Agora; they have very long hair and are also adorable. If you want a cat with no hair get a Sphynx, I don’t think they are too cute, some look scary to me. If you want a a long-lifespan cat get a Russian Blue Cat. They have gray hair and are pretty cute.

You might think cats are lazy, but they help with some stuff like health, factories, or just at any building. When they purr and you’re holding them, or touching them, it lowers the chance of stroke and heart attack and lowers your blood pressure. If you have mice in your house, cats can eat them, and they can also help with any building. Traditionly farmers use them to keep mice out of there barns or crops.

Around 5,000 years ago, cats were first domesticated by the people in Ancient Egypt. They were used to guard grain from mice and other rodents. When a cat died in Ancient Egypt the cat was mummified and buried in a casket in a cat cemetery. In one Ancient Egyptian cat cemetery, over 300,000 mummified cats were found. There is even a god in Ancient Egypt that is a cat. I can’t believe there are over 300,000 mummified cats in one cat cemetery!

For your cat you do not need much, you only need food and a water bowl. You will also need cat food. If you don’t like your cats scratching up stuff try to get a scratching pad and maybe put catnip on it. If you want to play with your cat, get some yarn or a play mouse. Get a litter box too, unless your cat goes to the bathroom outside. Mia goes to the bathroom outside, and goes in 1 spot.

Did you enjoy my essay? If you did you are probably a cat person. If you weren’t a cat person and enjoyed it, do you think you will get a cat?Thank you for reading my essay, I enjoyed sharing  my opinion for cats and just writing some cool facts!



One thought on “Student Essay – Cats

  1. I enjoyed your essay, Asher. I especially liked your opinion on selecting a cat, and hearing how our furry (or non-furry) friends can improve health. I, too, grew up with cats and have a soft spot for them. Keep on writing!