The trail

This blog was written by minirocker11, a 10 year old member of the Upper Elementary, who has attended The Co-op for 4 years. She has traveled to Africa and loves Alpacas.

At our school the elementary love going up on the the trail. We love the freedom we get up on the trail. We love all the nature and all the things we find up on the trail. We can build forts and we can be creative.


The first year we were in the new building we were up on the trail and we saw this hole. We looked in it and there was a doll- did i forget to mention? A creepy doll. The doll had one arm one leg and one eye. From now on that hole is cursed with the “Come and play with me” curse. Who ever steps foot in the hole  is cursed with the “Come and play  with me” curse.



the hole


The main trail



The view

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  1. Dear Alpaca loving Africanist,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. If you were to design a school, tell me the top three things you would include…